Samadhi Center Meditation Retreat Dates

Located near the town of Bancroft in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Retreat Dates for 2020

Please note, we will not be holding formal retreats in 2020 as we are taking time to complete the next film and some other projects. There will be some times available for personal retreats.
Please check the personal retreats page for details.



"I attended a retreat at the Samadhi Center in the summer of 2017. I expected nothing going in and found there an open door into generosity, compassion and genuine listening. Dan and Tanya are wonderful hosts, working together as one vibrant instructor of a flawless meditation practice: simple, precise, direct, and most importantly, primordially True. I also was introduced to Nico whose profound humanity and unconventional approach flipped my little world upside down. If Dan and Tanya can show us the path to our self, Nico will make sure no obstacle stands in the way of this endless discovery. They all have touched my heart and taught me, through their kindness and honesty, that vulnerability is not a weakness but a beautiful strength."

Hugues Giboire



"The Samadhi Center was a welcoming, loving environment that encouraged internal growth and understanding of truth. Dan & Tonya are gracious hosts, present to support and assist with unwavering love and patience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you"

Cathie Padilla

"What a truly amazing experience...Genuine teachings in a beautiful high end setting...For anyone on the path, highly recommended"

Diane Wilson

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