Located near the town of Bancroft in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Cultivating The Heart-mind
Weekend retreats: SeptEmber 21 - 23rd and November 9-11th, 2018.
Cost: $350.00 (Includes food and accommodations)

This weekend retreat will offer a unique opportunity to explore both meditation and shamanic practices which invite an awakening of the heart.  Join Dan, Tanya and Henry as they co-facilitate this powerful event at the Samadhi Center, balancing deep inner exploration exercises with the stillness of meditation practice.  This is a silent retreat for the most part, with the exception of certain sessions where communication is required, and during group process. A portion of the day will also  involve guided meditation sits and teachings lead by Dan and/or Tanya.  Because each sit is marked by a 30 minute interval bell, each meditator can choose to sit for any or all of the sits in each meditation period. The facilitators can offer support to your meditation practice whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

This balance of heart/ mind, inner/ outer, self/nature is found in the perennial teaching that comes back over and over throughout the ages, and is expresssed through the culture and tradition into which it is born, although each tradition uses different language to express it.


Shamanism tells us that nature is a teacher for humans; it teaches us how to be in balance and harmony with life. Shamanism also teaches us that this physical world is not the only reality, and that our life is a sacred journey of healing and self-discovery.  

Shamanic practices provide teachings, tools and experiences that will guide us to look at our current life issues and find new perspectives as we hear the wisdom of our own spirit.

In addition to the group teachings and experiential sessions, Henry offers hour-long, one-on-one private sessions with participants which focus on life transitions, loss, grief, relationships and personal evolution.  The cost of these sessions is $75 for 60 minutes, and because availability is limited they are offered on a first come, first served basis.
Dan and Tanya will also be offering private sessions incorporating sound as a tool for deepening the meditative experience, utilizing a variety of instruments including: singing bowls, gongs, waterphone and voice. The vibrations help connect participants to the hidden aspects of their inner worlds. At these sessions Dan and Tanya would also be happy to talk about your meditation practice and how it can be integrated into everyday life. Dan and Tanya work together simultaneously with each participant. The cost of these sessions is $40.00 per half hour.

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